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Goalie Clinic - Irvine, California

April 28, 2018

Every goalie from beginner to professional, should have a main focus of perfecting their fundamentals. In the Crease Coach Spring Clinic we will be covering all of the major fundamentals involved with the position. 
There will be instructional demonstrations followed by drills that goalies can take home and to their own practice field. All goalies will participate in Goalie games to cap off the morning.
We will have enough goals for 2-3 goalies per goal and top varsity HS shooters representing schools from all over Orange County. There will be a goalie coach present at each goal.


Saturday, April 28th 

VIP Hour: 1Pm - 2pm

Clinic: 2Pm - 5pm



OC Great Park

Field 12

6950 Marine Way

Irvine, CA 92618


ALL Youth and High School players

  • Boys & Girls

  • Ages 8 - 17


  • Boys HS Varsity

  • Boys HS JV

  • Boys Youth

  • Girls HS

  • Girls Youth


VIP Hour - $75

Clinic - $125

VIP Hour: 

9 VIP Spots Available - SOLD OUT

  • 3 goalies per group with our goalie coaches

  • on field film review

  • written evaluation with digital copy of film

  • Crease Coach socks & T-shirt


Johnny Rodriguez

  • Salisbury University Goalie, 2011 National Champions & Goalie of the Year

  • Major League Lacrosse Goalie

Mike Gvozden

  • GoalieSmith Founder & Coach

  • Hopkins University Goalie 

Tyler Schweickert

  • Starting Goalie for Concordia University (MCLA)

* Boys & Girls High School Varsity Shooters will be present*

Topics of Instruction:

  • Stance/Positioning

  • Attacking the ball vs. the shooter

  • outside step downs

  • alley shots

  • sweeps

  • low & bounce shots

  • 1 v 1's

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Facebook: CreaseCoach
Twitter: @CreaseCoach

Instagram: @Crease_Coach

* At Registration be sure to check both the VIP session and the full goalie clinic if you want to attend both. 

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