Pride Lacrosse  Refund Policy


Refund Policy for all Pride Lacrosse Programs:

Due to the nature of pre-planning, Pride has a no refund policy.

However, a credit for future Pride Programs may be issued if it is proven through valid medical documentation that a player is physically unable to participate in an event.
In a circumstance where a refund is issued, it will be in the form of a credit valid for one year from issue date.

Please fill out and submit a Refund Request Form via email and obtain a valid Medical Document if the request is due to injury.  Refunds will be pro rated from the time of withdrawal to the final day of the program.
Credit requests may take up to 30 days to process.
>30 Days Prior to Event: 10% non refundable on the website.  
<30 Days to Event: 10% non-refundable, 90% Pride credit with medical documentation. 
User Error-­‐ No Refund-­‐ Credit Only
Weather Cancellation-­‐ No Refund
Partial Attendance-­‐ No Refund
Room & Board-­‐ If an event requires rooming or meal planning those fees will be deducted from any credit unless the cancellation is 30 days prior to the event/program
Registration-­‐ If you register for an event/program through your team, refunds/credits will be processed through that team.

Covid-19/Summer 2020 Policy-


AFTER May 27th--> Due to the uncertainty of the 2020 summer club season we have implemented an interim policy. Through registration we have added in an Insurance Policy which will allow for a larger refund. see below

  1. With Purchase of insurance policy ($40)

    • 70% Refund/15% Credit/15% Non-Refundable​

  2. Without Purchase of Insurance 

    • 50% Refund/25% Credit/25% Non-refundable​

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