summer 2021 Tour


*teams will be capped at a max of 24 players. Players will be placed based on age, previous experience and coaches evaluation

  •  2022-2029 Graduation Years


  • SoCal Summer Kickoff- June 12/13- Galway Downs

    • Practice Dates: June 8th and 10th

  • Battle by the Beach- July 2/3- OC Great Park

    • Practice Dates: June 29th and July 1st

  • Legends Meltdown- July 10/11- Corona, CA

    • Practice Dates: July 6th and 8th

  • Tinseltown Throwdown- July 17/18- OC Great Park

    • Practice Dates: July 13th and 15th

  • *ADVNC Best in the West- July 25/26- UC Santa Cruz

    • Recruiting event for 'Select' Teams. Interested in playing with a Pride Select Team?? Email for more information​. Schools Attending: Ohio State, Harvard, Salisbury, Syracuse, Hopkins, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Richmond, MIT, Jacksonville and many more!!


  • Full Summer 2021 Tour (x4 Tournaments)- ONLY $995 ...only available until 5/1!

    • Includes 4 tourneys listed above and all 8 practices

  • Individual Tournaments- $295 ...Price rises to $325 on 5/1

    • Registration includes 1 tourney and the 2 practices listed for that tournament


  • Knute Kraus (Salisbury/MLL)

  • Justin Cheng (Notre Dame)

  • Kevin Groeninger (Bryant)

  • Trevor Peay (Marqutte)

  • Stuart Pollard (Holy Cross)

  • Tyler Schweickert (Concordia)

  • Johnny Rodriguez (Salisbury/MLL)

  • Luke Phipps (Salisbury)

  • Lukas Baildon (Potsdam)

  • Austin Lison (Southern Florida)

  • Trent Jones (Foothill)

  • Kevin Campeau (Nebraska)