Pride 2024 Summer Team

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Teams & Tournaments           

Practice: (@ OC Great Park)

the 2024 team is scheduled to have 7 total practices between June and early July



Coaches:  Full Bios Here

- Johnny Rodriguez (Salisbury)

- Luke Phipps (Salisbury)

- Matt Cannone (Salisbury)

- Knute Kraus (Salisbury)

- Tyler Schweickert (Concordia)

- Josh Sanchez (Salisbury)

- Trevor Peay (Marquette)

- Alex Ready (Denver/ Crease Coach)

- Ellis Geis (Denver)

US Lacrosse Membership:

All campers MUST be a member of US Lacrosse to attend our programs.

The cost of the membership is only $25.00 for youth ages 15 and under and $35.00 for high School players 18 and under.

To Register, Click on this link: USL Membership

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