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OC Youth Summer Teams



Youth Teams:           

  • 2025/2026

  • 2027/2028



  1. Pacific Lacrosse Festival- June 27/28

  2. Battle at the Beach- July 

  3. Oregon Lacrosse Classic- June 19/20


Practice Location/Dates:
OC Great Park

Irvine, CA

  • June 16th: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • June 18th: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • June 23rd: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • June 25th: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • June 30th: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • July 2nd: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • July 14th: 6-7:30pm, Field 

  • July 16th: 6-7:30pm, Field 



Coaches:  Full Bios Here

- Luke Phipps

- Ellis Geis (Denver)

- Perry Craz

- Tyler Schweickert

Pride Jersey.jpeg

US Lacrosse Membership:

All campers MUST be a member of US Lacrosse to attend our programs.

The cost of the membership is only $25.00 for youth ages 15 and under and $35.00 for high School players 18 and under.

To Register, Click on this link: USL Membership

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