What Makes Pride Different?

At Pride Lacrosse Club we are confident that we will grow and develop our program into the premier lacrosse club in Orange County and Southern California. We believe that we can offer everything an “elite” or “select” program offers but at a much lower cost. We take pride in the way our practice curriculums are created and how our practices are run. We not only focus on the skill development aspect of the game but also developing the mental aspect, teaching players to understand every part of the game and challenging them to progress each practice with new and high level drills.


Pride Lacrosse Cub is powered by dedicated coaches who have the understanding to coach the proper fundamentals of the game and the desire to instill winning mentalities in young and advanced players. Our coaches come from the most well-know lacrosse hotspots in the country including Maryland, Long Island, and Massachusetts, who then went on to play with some of the winningest programs in the NCAA including Salisbury and RIT. We look to give our players in Southern California the same level of coaching, passion and leadership within the game that we were given in our youth. 


Pride Lacrosse Club is a club offered to any lacrosse player that wants to become great. Our coaches come from areas with deep lacrosse tradition and played for elite winning programs in HS and College. We understand the need for patience and a long-term view for each and every player we have no matter what age or skill level. Pride coaches not only teach the necessary skills and understanding for the field but the mindset that it takes to ultimately become the best possible player you can be. We offer teams at all ages and levels from elementary to rising seniors in High School. 

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