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Lacrosse Club Programs for Youth & High School players to promote the sport of lacrosse in Southern California.


Thank you and a special thanks for your exceptional organization and communication! Matt has loved his Buku team experiences and looks forward to lots more with this group.

John has really loved this training program (Buku Fall Training Sessions) and gotten so much out of it! He scored three goals Sunday in his box games, plus had 5 assists - all the shooting practice & techniques are really helping!

the work you do changes the lives of kids beyond the ones you inspire and motivate every day on the lacrosse field.  As a mentor, how you interact with your players determines the way they feel about themselves and how they treat others as they integrate your style into their are certainly doing a fantastic job.

Shalini, MOM

Thank you for a great season and making the game fun as well as a competitive. Your leadership has motivated Kai to truly enjoy the sport and to continue playing. Looking forward to the season!

Lori D, MOM

Karin M, MOM

Mike, DAD

Player's MOM

"I really appreciate the environment you give your teams and the messages you are instilling in the boys. It’s a breath of fresh air and very rare these days. Keep it up!"

Player's Parent

I’ve never seen a youth lacrosse coaching staff coach the way you guys did this past weekend.  It looked like a high level high school game back on the East Coast.  Players running in / out on the fly, moving kids around during the play, etc.  It was awesome.!
We have played club lacrosse in NJ since 3rd grade. - had multiple coaches, 2 have won NJ high school State Championships, put kids into D1/2/3 colleges, etc…   He’s played in NJ, NY,  Long Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut - None were like this past weekend!

Player's Mom

"Thank you for being so thorough and answering all of my questions. It sounds like you (Coach Phipps) and Coach Rodriguez run a very positive lacrosse program. My friend also says that for an athlete - you run a program like she’s never seen and he connects with the boys."

Player's Parents

"We have been with a few lacrosse organizations and yours, by far, is the most communicative, to start. We appreciated and loved hearing updates during  camp & summer club lacrosse.  My son has looked forward to every one of your events and has been happy with what he's learned and the experiences he's had.  It's been an amazing experience thus far (and the best we've had). All of your coaches are supportive and provide the perfect amount of positive reinforcement and instruction. Thanks for running a terrific organization!"

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